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Hey its been awhile and no I haven’t forgotten about you!

Now, I know I am not the best writer in the world, I like to write and recently had taken a long break from writing. I mean, when I had to do papers for school of course I completed those. I am talking about the type of writing that lets my imagination fly. Creative writing that I just let flow from all the crazy things I think about while listening to my favorite song or composition on repeat (Usually one by Muse). I finally took some time from my crazy college student life to take a look at some things I had written a few years ago. It made me sad to think it had been two years since I had taken the time to work on and improve my ideas.

Recently I was sifting through my many documents and came across a couple of ideas I had once worked on. They were what you would expect to find when stumbling on some old documents (ok I was deleting some of the old documents in preparation of transferring them to my new computer since this one is currently dying 😦 ) a few errors, some cheesy lines said by a few of my characters, and a plot that wasn’t making sense. Other than that, I was pleasantly surprised how familiar these characters still felt and how compelled I am to tell their story. Within 5 minutes my intrigue in how to tell their story was reignited.

One problem with this is I am in one of my busiest semesters at college and wonder where I am going to find the time to tell their story. At the same time a Ted Talk I watched for one of my classes comes looming into my mind. The speaker, (I can‘t remember his name right now sorry!) mentioned if you have a goal or a dream you don’t put it aside, you simply put in the effort to make it happen, even if that means after all the work put in during the day, you sit down at midnight (or later) to begin working on something you are passionate about. I also think this means I will be feeding my coffee addiction just a little more.

Thanks for reading! Until next time!



Icon Blog 5: Looking Towards the Future

This is the final look at the Dunkin Donuts brand here on the blog. We have looked at the history of the brand to the problems they have had to face. The big question remains: Will they survive the upcoming years or will they faze out like some other brands do?

I wish I could tell you but I am no psychic. I think the future looks good for the Dunkin’ Donuts. They have been around since 1948 which means they are able to deal with change. Brands that can’t change with the times are going to find it harder to survive if they become stuck in their ways.

In our time social media is really important for brands to utilize because it is an easy way to reach and engage with consumers. I mean, if I see on Facebook that a brand is advertising something for free or at a discounted price, you bet I will be more inclined to stop in and by something. With Dunkin’ Donuts, they have adjusted well as you can see in my previous post, The Social Butterfly. They engage with their audience in a way that their followers are the ones helping them create content that they would like to see.

This is important for Dunkin’ Donuts as they go into the future because if they can’t accept new technologies or find a way to integrate their brand into new mediums, like social media, they could fall behind. If they continue adapting to changes in society, I don’t think Dunkin’ Donuts is going to disappear anywhere anytime soon.


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Dunkin’ into trouble!

What do you do when a major storm hits? Well I don’t know about you but I take cover and wait it out. Next question, what does a brand do when dealing with controversy or a crisis? Well, they really can’t afford to wait it out. That would mean losing valuable customers and having to deal with more negative publicity if that brand can’t contain the problem. Now please take a gander at the picture below.



This is a 2013 ad Dunkin’ Donuts ran in Thailand featuring a woman who is wearing blackface and promoting the new Charcoal Donut. It received backlash in the United States and Dunkin’ pulled the ad and apologized to the public and those who were offended by the piece of advertising. The most interesting part to me about the story is the CEO of the franchise in Thailand was confused as to why people were offended by it. Also since the release of that campaign and before it was taken down, the franchise in Thailand had seen a 50 percent increase in sales. While as a whole Dunkin’ had to respond to the insensitivity the ad created, the difference between cultures plays a big part into why this particular ad wasn’t as offensive in Thailand vs. the U.S.

Culture norms are obviously different if Thailand. They are important to think about but a brand needs to be aware of what other aspects of its franchise are doing to avoid problematic situations like this. Even though this brought a bit of backlash, and as far as I can tell Dunkin’ Donuts responds fairly quickly and knows how to handle though problems. They are ready for when the next storm hits.


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Icon Blog 3: The Social Butterfly

Those people in the video have got some sweet moves!! Moving along on this Dunkin’ Donuts research ride, our next stop is their use of social media. From an outside perspective I would say they are doing just fine with social media. I found the video above as a #TBT on their Twitter page the date November 6, 2014 from a #DDanceforDarkRoast contest. In this video they revealed the winners and runner ups in the contest.

This isn’t the first time Dunkin’s has interacted with consumers of the brand. In 2012 they had a Facebook campaign launched called “What Are You Dunkin’.” Fans submitted answers and each entry had the chance of being the grand prize winner. In 2013 they had a Twitter and Facebook campaign using the handle #mydunkin. This one is similar to the dance video above. A fan one and then had the chance to be featured with their #mydunkin story. I think these campaigns are #clever.

I discovered they first began their social media presents on both Facebook and Twitter in 2008, so social media isn’t a new arena for them. I found some information on their social media strategy and can see why it is successful. They like to say their fans “own” social media. This strategy helps them create content that is relevant to the area they are in and more engaging for followers.

Dunkin’ Donuts has effectively developed and implemented their social media plan. As long as no drastic changes happen in the company think they will continue to thrive in the social media arena and keep their fans happy.


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Icon Blog 2: Change is Good.

Just as the seasons come and go so does the branding strategies that companies use. As I have been exploring more into the Dunkin’ Donuts brand and I have been noticing the different imagery and branding they have used as the brand has evolved. Take the picture of Dunkie below for example. This logo for the brand was used from 1956-1960. Doesn’t look very familiar or anything like the current logo that Dunkin’ uses. As cute as he is, I think Dunkin’ has made good choices about their logos as they have progressed over time to promote the business (sorry Dunkie).


The following pictures are the logos used by Dunkin’ over the years.




1976- present


2006-present. The inclusion of the steaming cup was added in 2002 but updated to the current picture above in 2006.

Images weren’t the only thing that caught my eye when looking in to the company history. Besides the name change from the Open Kettle as mentioned in my first post, the marketing used to be all about the donuts not the coffee. I find that interesting because for as long as I have been aware of the brand, it was always about coffee. The change began when Jon Luther became Executive Chairman of the Dunkin’ Brands in 2003. The company slowly began to transition into selling a new line of espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos. 

Another thing they changed to push their identity as a Coffee seller was their ad campaigns. It used to be “Time to make the donuts.” Now it is “America Runs on Dunkin” A picture of this was included in my previous post and should sound familiar. The combination of all these things has helped the business to become the as successful as it is today.

Well that is all I have to share with you today. Stay tuned for more Dunkin information in the future!!


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Icon Blog 1: Coffee Please!

As a busy college student there are a few things I always carry with me, my book, my laptop, my notebooks, and my handy dandy thermos full of coffee. Normally I would say the laptop is the most important thing I carried with me but some days, it is the thermos and the coffee it contains. For the icon project it was a no brainer that I would choose a brand that sold coffee. I was in my room when I spotted my Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and that helped me choose my topic for the icon blog.

The founder of Dunkin’ is a man named William Rosenberg. When WWII ended he opened a coffee and doughnut shop in 1948 in Quincy Massachusetts. The shop was originally named the Open Kettle. Two years later he changed the name to Dunkin’ Donuts.

In 1995 the company begins licensing its franchise. That franchising paid off big time because within the next eight years the company already had over 100 stores open. As of 2011, there are 10,083 stores worldwide in the United States and 32 other countries.

Does it sell anything besides coffee? Yes! Dunkin’ Donuts sells 52 varieties of donuts along with the dozens of different coffee beverages. Bagels, Breakfast sandwiches, and other baked goods also inhabit their menu.

You are probably wondering why this worthy of study is. Well to me the fact that Dunkin’ had over 100 stores in the first eight years of its business life is incredible. The store was successful from the beginning and is still going strong. It is also a brand many people will recognize even if they don’t drink coffee or never have been to one of its stores.




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So it Begins!!

Hello and welcome to my blog!! Here I will mainly be posting about my thoughts, about life, and about any projects I am undertaking. Currently, I am in my last year of College! (Yikes) I have wanted to start a blog for a while and finally have a reason to stop procrastinating. For my Persuasive Communication class, I will be posting every Friday about the brand Dunkin’ Donuts and is the reason I have finally created this blog. Outside of class posts, I hope to write every Sunday, when inspiration hits, or when I have some free time which usually isn’t often.

I failed to mention above that I attend Wartburg College and major in Communication Arts with an emphasis in Public Relations! Again, for anyone who stumbles upon this WELCOME!! Don’t be a stranger!! Follow along if you wish!


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